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攝影與單車首選 Favourite of Photography and Cycling

Route 5 。Favourite of Photography and Cycling


Here are the best locations at Lukang either for pre-wedding photography, portrait photography, street photograph or seeking for the changes in lighting.
In this travel schedule allows photographer with different purposes to found the awesome local scenery and capture inspired photos.

The Hidden Beautiful Scenery for Photo Shooting – Fuxing Barn


電話: 04-7768314

Most of the people noticed about the Fuxing Town Farmer’s Association along the main road before enter Lukang. But do not know about the hidden historical building, Changhua Fuxing Barn in it which as fantastic as Taipei Huashan Creative Park.

Fuxing Barn is the largest Japanese style barn among the Taichung region which built in 1935 year. Middle of Taiwan produced the most paddy rice at the past. Therefore, people were encouraged to build the barn to store the paddy. Now, this is still remains the storage function for paddy. There are milling room, store room for rice and chaff. Also, its roof dormer window has the function of radiating and ventilation. Fuxing Barn becomes the important landmark for the place.

A part of the internal space is now used for exhibition and another part open for all uses. The wide space and the ceiling window become the secret spots for many photographers. Suggest to call and make sure it is open for public before your visit.

Contact number: 04-7768314
Address: No. 28, Fuxing Rd, Fuxing Township, Changhua County
Open Hours: Open Tuesday to Friday 09:30-17:30/every weekend 09:30 - 18:00
Please call for appointment, before your visitation and photo shooting.

The Cosmic Voyage To Japanese Era –Lukang Mayor’s Residence(Zhen Shi Guan)


電  話:04-7768142
地  址:彰化縣鹿港鎮民權路166巷 
營業時間:週二-週日08:00~12:00;13:00~17:30 (週一及國定假日公休)

Lukang named as Lukang Street at the Japanese era. The dormitory was for mayors and built by Yoshida Hidejiro in 1934 year. It then became a store room for debris when it is no longer used as dormitory. After that, it had been listed as historical building and went through renovation.

Now, it is a town history hall and not many people drop by because it is not open for business. It becomes a very suitable location for photograph section with this.

The building has very standard interior design as Japanese style dormitory, included tea room, bedroom and porch. The display of cultural relic and old photos related to Lukang with the quiet classically environment is leading people back to the Japanese era at the past like a traveller who across the time and space.

Contact number: 04-7768142
Address: Ln. 166, Minquan Rd, Lukang Township, Changhua County
Open Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 08:00-12:00 & 13:00-17:30; closed on  
                  Mondays and public holiday

The Favourite Shooting View For Advertisement – Lukang Folk Arts Museum


開放時間:上午9:00至下午5:00,每週一休館,節慶假日照常開放 。

It is normal for you to feel like you are familiar with here when you step into Lukang Folk Arts Museum. Because of here is the main shooting scene for many advertisements and pre-wedding photography.
The Lukang Folk Arts Museum is completed with garden courtyard at the front, rooms and spaces for exhibition in it. It has a wide hall at the middle of the building in mixture of Japanese and western style. There is a double stories townhouse behind the main building as well. The construction almost included all the essence of building feature in Lukang. Therefore, it becomes the shooting view for many photographers.

Address: No. 152, Zhongshan Rd, Lukang Township, Changhua County
Contact number: 04-7772019
Open Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00; closed on Mondays (Except public holiday)
Entrance Fee: Adult NT$130; Senior/Disabled/Student NT$70; Group Reservation(20 people)NT$40

The Crystal Palace - Lukang Glass Temple


電話:(04)7811299 #266

The Lukang Glass Temple is qualified enough to list as the top tourist attraction because it is the only Mazu temple which built with glass in Taiwan. The building was built up by 70,000 pieces of glasses and the shrine in Yushan image was made up by 1,400 pieces of glasses. There is a glass pond at the middle of the temple. The breath taking atmosphere of crystal palace with the glass crystals and pond around the temple embraced each other amazed every visitor.

The glass temple is so wonderful with the changes in lighting effects which shows the different appearance of the temple during daytime, night and sunset. The lighting gives the amazing changes to the glass temple. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why there is full with camera stands in front of the temple mostly at the evening and it becomes one of the favourite shooting spot for photographers.

Contact number: 04-7811299 #266
Address: No. 30, Lugong South 4th Rd, Lukang Township, Changhua County
Website: http://www.timingjump.com.tw/Guide/Attention.aspx

The White Wave In The House – Handmade Misua of Lin’s Family



It is already much worth to only see the white misua(very thin noodles) spread out in whole pieces at the courtyard of San-He-Yuan (three-section compound).

There are still many handmade misua around Taiwan now, but the taste is not the same because of the different location and weather. The misua in white colour produced in ancient way. In the courtyard of a hundred years old house, it looks like a white song sheet paper. The red brick and old wooden in the house make the white misua look even conspicuous and beautiful.

Every scene here becomes a drawing of classical life in Lukang mixed with spaces of old house.
Contact number: 04-7783133
Address: No. 9, Lane 129, Fuxing Rd, Fuxing Township, Changhua County
Open Hours: Open daily, except raining day.Usually dry the noodle under the sun in the morning and rest in the afternoon

Visit The Village Easily –Bicycle Track in Puyan Town



Here is not a bicycle racing track with crowded bikes, but a path with temple, village, garden, painting and river as scenery along the track.
There are three different tracks surrounding the main river planned by Puyan Township Office which are parent-child route (9km), healthy route (13km) and stamina route (23km). There are temple, painted village, seasonal flowers and different community parks along the tracks. Let’s join the life of village and complete a relaxing trip through cycling.

Contact number: 04-8661606
Starting point: No. 120, Zhongzheng Rd, Puyan Township, Changhua County

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